Welcome to the blog!

Hey you! Thank you so so much for stopping by here and being interested in all of these words that I’m typing out!

I’ve wanted to work on a blog for so long and it’s just one of those things that really went to the back burner during busy season. Well, no more. I told myself this is something that I need to just buckle down and get to, you know? I honestly think that writing just goes hand in hand with photos and honestly, who doesn’t love reading a good love story?

You’re probably wondering what I’ll even be sharing on here. Well, it’s gonna be for the masses. My couples’ love stories, some photography tips, biz education that I’ve learned along the way, tips + tricks for my future brides, and maybe some personal things I wanna share! I’m really using this platform just as a helpful resource not just for clients, but for fellow photographers too! There are sooooo many questions I had when I first started and oh my word, how nice would it have been if I had a blog post like this to refer to!

So sit back, relax, and send in your email for my subscription! It’s free, I promise, lol. You never know what you may find helpful here!

All the love


Ronnie Mae