My Top 5 Couples Poses

You might be the photographer or couple reading this, but either way, I’m here to help ya!

Posing can be so so daunting and you can feel so embarrassed if you don’t have one pose to the next and the next and the next. BUT here’s a few of my favorite poses I keep in my back pocket just in case I’m in a situation where I’m not really sure on what to do next. I’ll be using my couples sessions but a lot of these can also apply to weddings!

The Dip

A dip can sound super complex but I promise it’s not! Partner A (The dipper) will hold on to Partner B’s (The dipee 😂) lower back and back of the knee to support them. Partner B will fall back, raising the held leg. Literally that’s it! Partner B can hold on to Partner A however they’re comfortable but I always suggest holding on the their shoulders and if they have a bouquet in hand, drop the hand with the bouquet so no one’s face is blocked! You can add on to this pose by asking them to kiss or make it spicier and ask Partner A to kiss Partner B’s collarbones or chest! I love love love this pose and so many of my clients do too! It may take a try or two to get it perfect but once they get a feel for the movement it’ll get easier and easier.

The Moody Look

I mean, who doesn’t love a good moody look? This one I start with my couples standing next to each other, shoulders squared off to me. They can either hold hands of Partner A can put their hands in their pockets while Partner B hooks on to his arm. I vary this pose by having the couple look at each other, look opposite ways, and taking turns looking at the camera and each other. It’s a great, relaxed pose that’s always such a hit and makes them realize that posing ain’t so hard!

Walk and Look Back

This is as simple as it gets. Just walk away from the camera and after every few steps, just look back. Can be one partner, can be both. Switch it up! I also have them turn around and walk towards me so there’s a variety! They also don’t have to walk hand in hand, sometimes I switch it up and tell Partner A to put their arms around Partner B!

Scoop ‘Em Up!

Not gonna lie, I always joke with my couples about this being a trust exercise, lol. It’s a lot more simple than I’m making it seem though. Partner A should have a wide stance so they don’t lose their balance. They have to scoop up partner B from under their bum to ensure that they get high enough for it to work. If they want to, Partner B could also wrap their legs around Partner A! You can also vary this pose by having them spin around, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, or kissing! This is also a great time to get a ring shot if Partner B is holding on to the back of Partner A’s neck 😏

Kiss and Swing

Are you shocked I saved the best for last? Don’t be, I’m sneaky like that 😇

This pose definitely takes the most time explaining and sometimes, your clients will look at you incredibly weird. But hey, it makes for great movement and smiles!

The couple will be standing facing each other, so belly to belly. Partner A will throw their hand under Partner B’s chin, keep their lips on their cheek, and holding on to them and swinging them back and forth so Partner B’s hair is swinging around from side to side. A little strange right? But I swear it works! They feel so goofy that it just makes them laugh but you get that great shot of them moving, interacting, and smiling! I love throwing this shot in closer to the end when they’re gotten used to my antics. It’s a great way to enter into more complex poses.

Honestly, posing doesn’t have to be super hard. Pay attention to your couples and see how they naturally move. You can get a lot of idea just from how they interact. How they hold each other and show each other affection.

However you direct your clients, just know you’ve got this and you’re absolutely killing it 🥰


Ronnie Mae