Intimate Pottery Session w/ Eric + Elisa

MODELS: Eric + Elisa

LOCATION: Lunar Rose Pottery

Every year that slow season rolls around, I try my best to bring at least one of my dream mood boards to life and man oh mannnn did this one deliver everything I could have ever hoped for!

To preface, I’ve had this in my head for exactly 55 weeks. Wild, I know. BUT! The. Wait. Was. Worth. It. I first found the pottery studio owned by the most amazing woman named Becky. I could write a whole love letter to Becky and it still won’t capture how sweet, generous, and beautiful she is. Not only is her studio the coziest, cutest, and warmest place I’ve been in- but Becky herself radiates this energy that makes it so easy to be yourself around her. 10/10 recommend looking at her website and buying all the things because she’s so talented and all her pieces are so UNIQUE. No, seriously. Jaw smacking the ground kind of gorgeous. Her studio in itself was so perfect. It’s mostly neutral with touches of pinks, purples, and crystals that when hit by the sun, fills the studio with rainbows. It’s beautiful and serene and I am SO lucky to have been able to step foot in her space.

Now, Eric and Elisa. Where do I even START. If you are ever in need of models, in the tri state area or beyond, they are 110,000% the people to reach out to. They came prepared, eager, and took videos, BTS, and made a reel?! Personally, I’ve never had models do that and it was nothing short of amazing. I didn’t even have to pose them because they flow so perfectly and seamlessly together that the second I think of something for them to do, they were already doing it. The variety of poses they knew were astounding and their positivity and the vibrancy they exude made me speechless. I was so quiet the whole time (which is shocking) and it felt like I was watching two people fall in love like nothing else in the world existed. It was a surreal experience and they filled my soul with so much joy and lit my creativity to the next level and I’m always gonna be so grateful for them.

Clearly, they were made for this and I mean- can we talk about how beautiful they are? We opted for a very intimate feel. Kind of like they were just hanging out at home on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, decided to walk into their pottery studio, and cherish each other’s company. I wanted to make sure they were nice, cozy, and a bit messy even. It was such a fun and collaborative experience and I truly recommend putting together sessions that fill you up creatively.