Cozy Cabin Couples Session at Treehouse Willow, NY

There are so many times I can’t believe that I get to all of these cool places to photograph even cooler people 🥹 This session was definitely one of those times!

When my client approached me with this idea, I almost screamed! The cabin was so stunning, unique, and seriously jaw dropping. It’s a little treehouse cabin nestled in a town next to Woodstock, NY and it is as serene as they come. If you need a weekend to just get away, this is definitely the place to go. There’s two main rooms with giant windows that allows you to overlook the pond and the woods that surrounds you.

The woods are still and quiet and it’s just the perfect place to restart. I wanted to really emphasize that cozy and comfy feeling the whole cabin emits. My couple opted for two outfits. One matching pjs- who doesn’t love a good pajama- and one super cozy outdoor outfit. This day was particularly warmer than most and honestly, it all just worked so well.

I emphasized to my clients to always snuggle and give each other tons of love. We played around with standing, sitting, and shooting through the glass. This treehouse also had the cutest loft space with a bed. I mean, I wanted to wrap this whole place up and bring it home with me.

Any time I shoot a couple with these kinda of vibes, I always try to make them the most comfortable and ensure they’re focusing on each other. I’m usually a little bit closer to them than normal since we’re in an enclosed space so it’s important their comfort level is my top priority! After we got all of our cozy indoor shots, they changed and we headed out!

I’m sure the photos and location speak for themselves. The architect did a great job at focusing on the natural beauty of it all and I’m just so grateful I was able to shoot there. We walked the grounds from the door of the cabin, the stairs, and even the dock on the pond! It was an absolute dream session and I will never get over it! 😍 Couples sessions are just so special to me. Posing them is all about their connection and it makes it so easy when they are so in love. I’m truly hoping that I get to come back to this beautiful place again soon. But if you’d like to check it out yourself, make sure you reach out as soon as possible because they book out a year in advance!

Check out the AirBnB here!